I recently had a critical failure with my Oggi shaker. The darned cap got stuck to the lid and for the life of me I couldn’t get it off. I was using it to make a drink and it was leaking. So I put it down on the counter and gave the lid a light slap (or so I thought) to better the seal. It sealed up great until I tried to pour the drink into the cocktail glass. While the larger lid was able to come off, the smaller cap was wedged into place and would not budge!

oggi_26oz I really liked the Oggi shaker, but I had only had it for a month or so before this happened. So instead of buying another one, I thought I’d try a different brand. So I went to my local Total Wine and More and bought a Mertokane flip-top cocktail shaker in red. Why red? Why not!

houdini_shaker_redThe price was right at $16.99 USD. However, it wasn’t long before my appreciation of this shaker began to wane. First let me say that it does work as advertised. You can shake with it using a single hand because the flip-top really does stay closed and the lid itself screws onto the body of the shaker. So far so good. It does seem to leak a little bit, but I found with some practice I was able to shake it with very little leakage at all.

The downside of this shaker is two-fold. First, the shaker is made almost entirely of plastic. The only metal in it is the built-in strainer (more on that later). When I bought the shaker I thought the body was stainless steel, somehow colored to a nice, bright red. I was really surprised to find out it was plastic when I got it home. I prefer steel because its easier to gauge the temperature of the contents of the shaker, so you know when everything inside is truly cold enough to serve. I find that the plastic acts as an insulator, making it harder to me to feel the temperature change.

houdini_strainerThe second drawback to this shaker is the design of the built-in strainer. While the fliptop design does really work, you cannot get easy access to the strainer to clean it, raising concerns with sanitation and general cleanliness. If you mix drinks with leafy contents this could be a problem for the strainer. I’m also concerned about mixing creamy drinks.

shhaker_lid_undersideThe underside of the lid is also interesting. Notice that the opening is in the center, not near the edge. This means that if you want to completely drain the contents of the shaker you have to completely invert it.

So now I’m changing gears a bit with the shakers. I want a traditional Boston Shaker, but I’m not willing to spend $40+ dollars on one. I spent a little time on Amazon.com and decided to order the following 2 items independently

steel_shaker_bottom 26 ounce Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker for under $3!

16oz_glass Paderno World Cuisine 16 7/8 ounce glass. for $8.99

They should arrive in the next few days and when they  do I’ll report in with my level of success or failure. Until then, happy Drinkling!

– The Drinkler