Amazon just approved Drinkler for use on the Amazon market. If you have a Kindle, or any of the Kindle Fire family of products you can now install Drinkler directly onto your Amazon device.

Version 1.0.8 Released

We have made some nice improvements in this release:

  • The default setting for downloading drink images is now set to “on demand”. Uncheck this setting in the Settings screen if you want to do a batch download of all drink images (takes about 20+ minutes to get 8K images, but you only have to do it once!)
  • Added a “splash screen” when you first launch the app
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the database to be overwritten
  • Greatly improved loading time of the app
  • Improved the time it takes to do a Refresh of the data.

Our next release will be a small patch to remove some of the privileges the app requests but does not yet use. Specifically we are removing the Location and Contacts privileges. We will add those privileges back to the app when we have added the new features that will use them. Thanks to indivisible on reddit for pointing this out.

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