In the past week we have added 1700 beers and 5800 wines to the application. Making Drinkler one of the most comprehensive applications for adult beverages available today (possibly THE most comprehensive, I’m still doing my research).

As a by product of all of these new drinks, if you have an older version of Drinkler, I strongly suggest that you upgrade before doing another refresh in the app. The latest version (1.0.7) updates much faster than earlier versions. Downloading all those image files still takes time (I can’t make the net run any faster than it does), so try to do your next refresh with a wifi connection.


The other day I bought a small bottle of Absente. Absente is a new product in the Absinthe category. The last time I had absinthe as in the early ’80s in Yokosuka Japan. I really didn’t remember much about the drink so I thought I’d try it again. I really love the flavor of Absente. It has a strong licorice flavor, but it is not syrupy or sweet (like Anisette is). Mix it with a little water and an ice cube in a rocks glass and I think you’ll enjoy it. The traditional service of adding water and sugar and pouring it through a special spoon is a bit lost on me, I must confess. However, it must work for some. Give it a try when you get a chance.

– The Drinkler

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